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A Cautionary Tale About Toxic Optimism

I don’t dispense advice. I only write down opinions and observations.
That which I’ve experienced won’t become entries in a manual that
will be toted as the next generation’s fix-it-all instruction booklet.
There is no such thing. We’re all different. All of us have different
perceptions and perspectives.
One-size doesn’t fit all.

I love this!
I have the exact same approach listed on my About page 🙂
Glad to see that someone agrees with my opinions ^^
Always seeing so many “do this to feel better” “do that to become a more positive person” etc
it’s kind of all bullshit
what changes us is experience
and the experiences that we all go through are different,
so of course

We are different people.
And we all have a different journey to take, to become happier people and lead more fulfilling lives, so no, we should not follow the advice nor the exact path another person before us took.

Because we all have different roads and different paths to take, and everyone’s journey to achieving happiness is different. 🙂

In response to your article:
I totally agree.
Blindly insisting on optimism is an invalidation of our negative emotions, which are necessary in enabling us to learn from our experiences. Besides, an invalidation of any emotion, whether they be on the more positive end or negative end (is there really such a thing as positive or negative emotions?) is an unhealthy suppression of a necessary instinct. A lot of the times when we have physical ailments they can be related to unhealthy mental suppression of our own emotions.

Our negative emotions (emotions in the sadness to melancholy range) are what allow us to reflect on our mistakes, give a chance to tone down our ego and really evaluate: what can we really learn from this experience?

I believe,
to truly achieve happiness,

We must embrace sadness. And anger (can be a powerful motivating force). And any other emotion that we feel, for that matter.

Because that’s what true happiness is.

Being at peace with oneself. Being in balance with all our emotions, all the feel-good ones and the not-so-feel-good ones.

find the original article here, by my fellow blogger Matt. and kindly give him a follow ♥

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